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Congratulations! As a member of the Senior Class you have reached an important milestone in your life!

 This is going to be one really fun and hectic year. Memories you make now will be fondly remembered for the rest of your life! Your senior portrait photography will be a permanent record of who you are and what you are all about right now.

 It is important for us to work together to create your senior portraits. Your co-operation and participation will be rewarded with images that you will be proud to give and display.

We try to make your photography session as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A positive attitude goes a long way toward helping you look your best.

We allow plenty of time in our schedule for your session and you should do the same. If you are rushed or “frazzled” by a busy day it will show in your portraits.

Would you like to be photographed with a special pet, your car, truck, motorcycle? There is no extra charge for special poses. With your help we can create portraits that reflect your true personality.

Clothing Selection

Choose your outfits ahead of time. Make sure they fit comfortably and are cleaned, pressed and in good repair.

Bring an ample selection of clothing styles and looks. You’ll want to show off the many sides of your personality. Final selection can be made during your session.

Your selections should be a mix of casual and “dressy” clothing. At least one outfit should be formal enough to make an acceptable yearbook portrait. Include sports or band uniforms and any  appropriate props (instruments, sports gear, etc.).

Don’t forget accessories like jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, etc.

You may want to avoid sleeveless or very short sleeves because pale bare arms can steal attention from the face.

This applies to clothing that is too “busy” also (stripes, plaids, checks, dots . . . you get the idea). Remember that these portraits will be displayed for many years and it is best to wear simple timeless designs that will not look “dated” in ten years.

For the outdoor portion of your session medium earth tone colors are best. Wear comfortable casual clothes. Long sleeve shirts and blue jeans are a great choice. Sweaters are ideal even in warm weather (we’ll work quickly and your dressing room is air-conditioned so you won’t lose your cool). Well-fitting summer outfits are good also.

Hair, Skin and Make-up

Wear your usual hair style, a portrait session is not a good time to try something new. Be sure that it is trimmed out of your eyes -- a very important part of your portrait. Don’t forget hair ties or barrettes if you want to wear your hair up for a few poses.

Men should schedule at least a week between a hair cut and their portrait session. A fresh haircut can reveal un-tanned skin.

Women should allow two weeks to avoid that “just cut” look. If you have naturally straight hair smooth it with a natural-bristle brush, and then spritz on a shine spray. For curls, wind them around your finger when hair is wet, then allow to air dry without touching. Shake curls gently when dry to break them up a bit. This method will leave you with shiny, not fuzzy, curls.

 Ladies, use matte foundation to make your skin look smooth and flawless. Wear your normal evening make-up with shadow to emphasize the eyes. Be sure to bring make-up along for last minute touch-ups. DO NOT try to hide blemishes under thick layers of make-up -- our expert digital retouch artist will remove them flawlessly  on your finished portraits.

Men with heavy beards should shave within an hour or so of their appointments. A five o’clock shadow cannot be removed through retouching.

Avoid salty foods a day or two before your session to avoid puffiness of the face and jaw line.

AVOID sunburn -- it cannot be fixed in your portraits. It will give you an unnatural look, accentuate bags under the eyes and cause excessive shine.

These are the basic guidelines for a successful portrait session. Feel free to contact us if you need specific information. Download and print our handy checklist to help you remember everything you want to bring to your session.
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